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Individual Psychotherapy for Adults 

I offer one to one therapy sessions to adults over 18 years. 

Sessions are 50 minutes long and usually weekly unless agreed otherwise. Therapy begins with an assessment, to identify suitability, risks and presenting issues.

The assessment entails a detailed questionnaire about your current life situation and difficulties but also your past, early life and relationships. 

The assessment session includes a discussion on the business terms and privacy policy, which need to be agreed for therapy to begin.

Once both therapist and client are comfortable to proceed, together we make an initial plan for the direction of travel.

Often this is an exploratory part of the therapy where difficulties and symptoms are explored and understood in their current and historic context.

This in depth understanding and raising of awareness can then lead to a contract for change, based on the client's wishes of what they would like to be different in their lives and how they might get there. The process is rarely linear and the length of the work can vary depending on personal needs, desires and resources. 

You are welcome to book an initial assessment session with no requirement to proceed unless you decide it is right for you. 

Integrative Humanistic  Relational Psychotherapy 

Therapy is predominantly conversational and focused on the client. The therapeutic relationship is evidenced to be of great value and a significant factor to the success of therapy. The therapists's role is to support the client to gain awareness of themselves and their situation as well as gain resources to make changes in your life. In this modality, the client is an active participant of their therapy. The therapy is not done 'to' the client but with the client. Firstly we will spend time exploring your goals for therapy before setting goals. This may be a longer or shorter process depending on where each client is. The client is required to be open and discussed issues of concern even when they are afraid to do so. This can be difficult and you may feel vulnerable. The therapist offers unconditional positive regard and will not judge. The client is welcome and encouraged to discuss with the therapist any aspect of the therapeutic relationship, and this can be hugely important and transformational; the therapeutic relationship is unique in this way. The therapist wont' give advice but she will be alongside you, exploring the options. Sometimes she may give you some explanation or information. Therapy is not always pleasant of easy. Sometimes it can feel painful pr embarrassing. It is ok and helpful to share these feelings with your therapist; 


Contact me to arrange an initial meeting or to ask questions. 


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