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about me

Integrative Psychotherapist

Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Relationship Therapist

 Clinical Supervisor, UKCP

I am passionate about my work and find great fulfillment in supporting people to remove their obstacles to growth and live authentic, fulfilling and wholesome lives, aligned with their values and true to themselves.

Symptoms and discomforts are signals that our life is somewhere misaligned, we may have suffered a loss, going through a significant transition leaving us wondering who we are and shaking our sense of self.

Sometimes unfinished business from the past is triggered and impacts our life today. My fundamental value is that as humans we have what we need to be whole and content, and that we are guided by our 'physis' is a strong inner force, continuously propelling us towards growth and fulfillment. We are relational beings, born out of relationship and flourishing when we connect. The therapeutic relationship offers what a good quality human relationship can; to be alongside a person whilst they are healing, grappling with life and finding themselves. To listen, to challenge, to contain, to encourage, to lend hope. This is what I seek to offer my clients, bringing with me my lived experience and philosophy of life, as well as my robust training and years of practice. 


Transactional Analysis 

My modality is Humanistic Integrative; the core model of my training is Transactional Analysis. The premise of Transactional analysis is that we are made of three parts: the Parent and Adult and the Child, called Ego States. At times we feel and act like or parents did, and at times we may feel and act like we did as a child, responding to situations that remind us of the past. Sometimes we respond to life from the here and now with appropriate reactions. Then we say that we are in our Adult Ego State. In TA, the goal of therapy is the attainment of autonomy, which encompasses the three qualities of intimacy, spontaneity and awareness; these qualities help us live the life we were always meant to live and be who we were going to be before we gathered life experiences and make decisions for how to live based on our circumstances and others' expectations. TA is only one of the theories I integrate in my unique approach to therapy for each person, and sometimes I may bring some information on TA which I deem helpful to the client's goals. 

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