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Couples/Relationship Therapy

Relationships change and evolve through the life span. Life transitions and stages can impact the relationship. There may be times when you are out of sync with each other or the communication has broken down. Maybe the fun and friendship has gone and you find yourself wondering if that's all there is. Maybe the desire is not there and your sex life is not working. You may be suffering the aftermath of an affair or a significant loss or trauma. For whatever reason, you may feel that you need some support to reconnect, to work through issues or to even decide whether you still want to be together. I offer a time limited and focused service, to help you identify and clarify the problem, and map out a way forward together.

As a couple's therapist, I hold the space for you to explore and support you to have open and authentic communication.

I bring with me a variety of tools, ideas and experience to help facilitate the authentic expression of needs and feelings, hurts and desires; to rekindle, to find new language and to equip you with new skills to support your relationship going forward. If you are thinking of separating, you can make use of the space to effect a positive separation and facilitate the completion of unfinished business. Sessions usually last 1 hour and 40 minutes (double session) and are held bi-weekly. However, I listen to each couple's needs and tailor the treatment plan and frequency accordingly.  Issues I work with include amongst others, affairs, sexual issues, communication problems, life transitions, depression, loss, differences of values, divorce, and children. The work often involves homework. My role is not one of a judge but that of a holding, potent and impartial facilitator. I have extensive experience of successfully working with couples of various ages and stages of relationship as well as gender and sexual orientation.

I work with issues around sex and sexuality upholding the values of sex-positivity and I encourage exploration of sexual issues in relationship therapy. I can work with a breadth of sexual issues, and I will advise if there is a requirement for specialist support (sex therapy).

I am passionate about this work, seeing people find fulfillment in their intimate relationships and their lives. I also work with dyads that are of a non-romantic nature, such as family members. I offer sessions in person and online. Get in touch to find out if couples counselling is for you.

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